Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thompson Falls, Montana

We arrived in Thompson Falls, Mt yesterday afternoon. Derrick spoke at the Community Congregational Church here this morning. It went awesome. Afterward we had an awesome lunch at Minnie's Cafe with Dan.

A very nice couple from the church has let us park on their property while we are here, Don and Jane. They have a wonderful view of the river. Don just took us for a ride in his boat and while out on the water we saw a big Ospry, a Great Blue Herron, and a Bald Eagle. The one time I forget my camera!! Thank you Don for the wonderful boat ride.

There is a place here in Thompson Falls that they call Power Plant Island. The river goes around the island and they have built 2 dams (one on either side). We took a walk around that and it was very interesting with beautiful views.

Our time here has been great. The people are very friendly.
Riona and Michaela in front of the larger dam.

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