Monday, September 8, 2008

St. Maries, Idaho

Well our time in St. Maries has come to an end. I am happy, but sad. I became very close to many people there. We attended St. Maries Foursquare church for 2 months. While with them we went camping at Loop Creek and took a drive up to Shefoot Mountain Summit, we attended their annual potluck/picnic at Cherry Bend Park, we played softball with them a few times, and we attended many potlucks. They will be missed greatly.

Pastor Steve Cox pitching at a softball game

We were in St. Maries on Labor Day weekend. That is when they have their Paul Bunyan Days. Let me tell you, It is HUGE!!!! They have a carnival, parades, races, water events, logging events, and so much more. We tried to attend as much as we could. The girls had a blast, especially at the carnival.

Michaela in the Kid and Doll Parade

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