Friday, September 19, 2008

Bear Bait

Every time we decide to hike down a trail Michaela lags behind. When we start out on the trails there is a sign that warns that we are entering black bear and grizzly wilderness. It also warns that visitors have been attacked and killed before for no apparent reason. It then tells you what to do when hiking with bears. I keep telling Michaela to walk in front of me so I can see her, but she insists on walking way behind me then gets distracted by things and lingers while checking them out. So we have nick named her Bear Bait.

So far we have not seen any bears while hiking ... but we have seen bear poop!! That is close enough for me!!


Kimmy said...

That is scary!! Sabrina tends to do the same thing and I either have Paul or myself watch behind her. What is it with kids??!! LOL I always get scared hiking although I love doing it when we go camping!! We just have never seen signs such as the ones you have...YIKES!!

amiablerain said...

Very beautiful photos.
I love nature photos.