Friday, September 19, 2008

Glacier National Park part 2

Jackson GlacierWe spent Thursday 9/18/08 exploring Two Medicine. That is a very beautiful area with a lake and a lot of hiking trails. Friday 9/19/08 we went to the east part of Going To The Sun Road and drove 20 miles on it. There are tons of waterfalls, streams, glaciers, wildlife, etc to look at. I took over 120 pictures yesterday of nature alone. At Weeping Wall Derrick soaked the girls. It felt good in the heat though. They are doing road work and the road ends at Weeping Wall so we were able to walk right up to the wall. When the road is open you can not do that. The road is VERY narrow and there is a lot of traffic.
Derrick holding Riona up to Weeping WallMichaela after Derrick held her up to the Wall

We stopped off at the visitor center at Logan Pass and hiked about 20 minutes toward Hidden Lake Overlook. We had about 30 more minutes to go when we all 4 gave out. Derrick had to carry Riona and Michaela could not walk it anymore. It is all paved and has stairs but is VERY steep. We got a good look at some glaiers though.

Derrick and Riona looking at the trail to Hidden Lake OverlookSome of the glaciers near Hidden Lake OverlookThe lakes up here are a bright blue with bright green in them. The streams and Rivers are a bright blue/green. This is caused by rocks being dropped into the water from the glaciers. The glaciers crush and grind up the roacks making "glacier flour". The glacier flour is what makes the bright blues and greens.

St. Mary LakeThe pictures do not do the glaciers justice at all. They are amazing to see in person. They are saying that by 2030 the glaciers up here will be completely gone.

A close up of a glacier

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