Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Glacier National Park part 1

We have a week before we are scheduled to be in the next town so we decided since we were so close that we would come up to Glacier National Park. We are staying 2 nights on the west side and then we will head to the east side and explore that area for 2 days.
Today wrapped up the west side for us. We saw some swesome waterfalls, a huge lake (Lake McDonald), what is left of the glaciers, did some hiking, and went for a few real nice rides.
*In a couple days I will add part 2 of this post with experiences from the East Side of Glacier.

Here are a few of the pictures we took today.

Riona and Michaela standing next to one of the famous tour buses

The closest we have gotten to a bear so far

Riona and Derrick hiking down to the river to see some waterfalls

Michaela and Riona taking a break at Lake McDonald

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I think it is really cool you guys get to go to such neat places! Love you guys! The Schulamsn Family