Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas and New Year's 2008/2009

We picked Dylan up from the airport in Las Vegas on December 20th. He came to spend his 2 week vacation with us. It was his first time ever in Vegas so we took him down to the strip to see the different casinos.

Snow in Las Vegas!!!!
We tried to do a lot with him while he was here so this post may have a TON of pictures in it.
Derrick and my dad caught a huge scorpion in the yard back in October and have been saving it for Dylan to see. He was not thrilled with it at all!! He was so scared it was going to get out of the container.
We took him on quite a few quad rides in the dessert. He really enjoyed the different rides we took.

For New Year's we went to Lake Havasu City to camp with my parent's and my aunta & uncle. We were there just about a week.

My dad and Derrick sitting by the fire talking

Rion (my dad) and Riona sitting by the fire

We took a short drive over to Oatman on old Route 66. The town has wild burros that come down out of the hills. You can feed them carrots and apples. Michaela and Riona went last year and Michaela loves the burros. Riona wants no part of them. Dylan just was not too sure about them. They get a little aggressive over the carrots and Dylan was skeptical of feeding them. They do not bite just push each other trying to get close to you.

In Oatman we met a lady that invited the kids to look at some tortoises. Michaela was too scared to feed them so Dylan gave it a shot. The tortoises were VERY aggressive with each other. They kept trying to flip each other over. And they run super fast.

Before Dylan had to head back home we took im to see the London Bridge. Yes, the ral London Bridge (that was falling down) is now in Lake Havasu. It has been since the 70's.

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Kimmy said...

I can't believe Riona has gotten so big!

I saw on the news about snow in Las Vegas. Amazing!!!

Hope you guys are well! Big Hugs!!