Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Been Too Long!!

It has been way too long since my last post on here!!
We are currently in Klamath, Ca on the coast and loving it. Michaela and I found sand dollars and tide pools. The girls loved the aquarium in Crescent City. Riona was over excited to pet a starfish and Michaela enjoyed the shark petting.
Dylan will be here in a few days to spend the summer with us. We are really looking forward to this. Thinking I will take him to Trees Of Mystery here in Klamath.
As usual we have the big tent up and revival is happening here. It is going good. It is a 15 day set that runs to June 11th.
Before Klamath we spent 2 weeks in revival in Big Pine, Ca followed by a week at Joe Ferguson's tent set in Lake Isabella, Ca. After Isabella we did a week in Fish Lake Valley, Nv.
Some where in all of that God blessed us with a bigger "house". The girls finally have their own room and we finally have a living room again. The "house" is a 36 ft 2010 Sundance by Heartland 3300RLB. It has a rear loft bedroom that gives the girls tons of play area and their own tv!! I am creating a website for the family and will post pics of it on there. Once the website is complete I will post a link to it on here.

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